I'll be operating only CW primarily on 40 and 20 meters from the counties shown below.  I'll be checking 15m periodically or if someone alerts me it's open.  Look for me around 7032.5 and 14032.5.  If RTTY QRM is bad on 40m I'll move to just above or below 7.025 MHz.

I plan to have APRS running as n5na-5.  Click here for an aprs.fi map with county overlays and an outline of my route.

PDF files of my Scientific Wild Ass Guess (SWAG) of my county line crossing schedule are below:

Saturday Schedule
Sunday Schedule

Hope to work you in the Texas QSO Party!


Alan  N5NA

Midland Ector Andrews Gaines Yoakum Cochran
Bailey Lamb Hockley Lubbock Lynn Terry
Dawson Borden Scurry Fisher Jones Shackelford
Callahan Taylor Nolan Mitchell Howard Martin
Texas QSO Party 2018
September 29 1400z - September 30 0200z
September 30 - 1400z - 2000z
N5NA Route Plan

If you'd like to create a cool looking map of your route too just go to NO5W's website and check out CQ/X!

Glasscock Sterling Coke TomGreen Irion Schleicher
Sutton Crockett Pecos Crockett Upton Reagan
N5NA Planned Route Map - Click County for Name and Day Activating